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Exam + Training Furniture

Take the stress out of exam time.

The key to exam success is preparation! Secure your furniture order now to ensure you're prepped and ready to go! Our range of exam furniture is designed to transition your space quickly and easily and packs away just as simply. 

Exam Package 1.

Package 1 is a collection of stackable chairs and tables that provide ultimate flexibility for pop-up exam spaces and training centres. Settle in, take the test, Rune easily stacks away when finished.

x 12 Rune Stacking Tables
x 12 Rune Stacking Chairs

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Table considerations for Exam time

Tables that stack, fold, flip and Move!

Our range has many options so we’re able to offer a wide array of services.

Fold (800)

01. Classmate

The Classmate Exam Table has a high quality folding table and a strong metal frame with a simple, easy to clean laminate table top.

Kinetic (800)

02. Kinetic

The Kinetic Pod docking tables are a perfect and ergonomic replacement for standard tablet arm chairs.

Pippee (800)

03. Pippee

The Pippee Table comes in a convenient size for use as either an exam table or pop-up classroom desk.

Rune Table (800)

04. Rune

The Rune stacking table with its sophisticated, slimline design is ideal for multi-functional spaces such as classrooms, exam rooms.

Exam Package 2.

Package 2 is a minimal, stackable table and chair pairing, ideal for temporary exam spaces or training environments.

x 100 Pippee Stacking Tables
x 100 Pippee Stacking Chairs

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Seating considerations for Exam time

Seating designed
to move with you!

Our seating accommodates a range of applications so you always have the right chair for the task.

Oska (800)-1

01. Oska

A stackable chair you'll love to sit in? You've got it in one! Built to support the body. Suitable for use indoors or out.

Rune Chair (800)-1

02. Rune

Looking for an occasional chair with all the comfort of upholstery yet versatility to stack? Then look no further than the Rune Chair.

Felix (800)-1

03. Felix

Our Felix Chair will make a contemporary addition to any space. This chair is the perfect seating solution.

Compas (800)

04. Unipod

The Unipod Active Task Chair is an all-in-one solution. With room for your bag, water, pen and papers this chair has you covered.

Exam Package 3.

Package 3 is a collection of distinctive and curvaceous Campus chairs and Taper tables. Popular in learning environments, study centres, training rooms and pop-up exam spaces.

x 12 Link Taper Tables
x 12 Campus Stacking Chairs

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Stacking package considerations for Exam time

Tables + Seating designed to stack, store and much more!

Our table and chair trolleys allow you to stack em' up saving on space and time.

Exam - Rune - Trolley

01. Rune Trolley

Flexible and easy to move the Rune Trolley comes with 15 Rune Tables.

Exam - Rod - Trolley

02. Rod Trolley

The Rod Trolley comes with 10 Rod Chairs.

Exam - Fold - Trolley

03. Fold Trolley

The Classmate Fold Trolley comes with 14 Classmate Tables.

Exam - Agora - Trolley

04. Agora Trolley

The Agora Trolley comes with 12 Agora Chairs.