Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

Australian schools are looking for options to transform their open, shared spaces. These areas once seen only as the space between spaces are now being transformed into inviting, casual learning environments which enable students to interact, collaborate and study in comfort.

These highly flexible spaces are designed to take advantage of the space between spaces. Furniture should support social connections allowing students to find their favourite place based on the assigned task, personal preferences or mood.

The Learning Commons is increasingly being adopted as a means of optimising spaces for use in the future.


Docklands Primary School - 3 Level View | Graphic: VSBA

Sit stand desks

Need more info? Download our PDF Guide on Collaborative Classrooms Full of Furniture Ideas for Today’s Environments.

Flexible Furniture: The Key to Unlocking the Learning Commons

How can a single shared space allow students in different groups to participate in multiple activities without disrupting or interfering with each other? The planning of dedicated Learning Zones or Learning Neighbourhoods, packed with flexible, modular furniture will help to separate noisier activities from quieter studies.

Think Tanks + Reflective Spaces

After students receive instruction from the initial activity, they need space to think critically about the knowledge gained and how it can be used in new and different ways to solve the problem. These calm and quiet spaces facilitate in-depth thought and provide respite for students to focus and take charge of the problem at hand.

Problem Solving + Collaboration

Presenting students with a problem, scenario, challenge or issue, which they’re asked to resolve provides students with a visible and clear reason for learning. Working as a team to achieve a common objective is at the heart of shared learning. Modular, flexible furniture allows students to discover potential solutions that may resolve the problem assigned by investigating, researching and exploring.