Furniture Bundle

1x [P7AG005] Podz 1500 Multipurpose
4x [PRO006] Proform Art Stool

Starting From

$899 + GST


Height Adjustable

Warranty7 Years


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Podz 1500 Multipurpose Table has a clean, minimal aesthetic with an adjustable steel leg system and laminate work surface. Versatile thanks to its design and rectangular shape, Podz is a favourite from classrooms and libraries to STEM spaces and informal meeting environments alike.

BUN658680 will fit easily into any art room, STEM space, cafe or learning environment. PRO006 Proform Art Stools are available with a moulded plastic or laminated plywood seat, both options come complete with a metal footrest.

Dimensions: W1500 x D750 x H720-930
Stool Height: H650

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