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In the heart of every educational institution lies its ability to nurture and inspire. Enter the Jac bundle!



Warranty7 Years

Designed to redefine the modern learning space, our Jac Table coupled with the Maruchi Stacking stools introduces a harmonious blend of urban industrial aesthetics and uncompromised functionality.

Key Features

  • Adaptive Design: Whether it's a media centre, active learning zone, or a common area, the urban industrial flair of the Jac Table is fit for all. Paired with the Maruchi Stools, the ensemble ensures a dynamic and engaging setting.
  • Ideal for Breakout Spaces: Perfectly tailored for classroom breakout moments, ensuring comfort while fostering group interactions and individual focus.
  • Champion of Student Well-being: By championing spaces where students can feel safe and relaxed, we're making student well-being a design priority.
  • Makerspace Ready: Ideal for small makerspaces, this package champions hands-on learning and creativity, pushing the boundaries of conventional classroom setups.

This combination embodies adaptability, student welfare, and creativity, all while ensuring durability and elegance. Dive into a world where every classroom isn't just a room but a canvas for endless possibilities.

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