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Intensive Bundle


With the Podz Intensive Bundle, you can create an immersive learning environment.

1 x Podz 1800 Arc Table
4 x Sway Midi Stool



Warranty3 Years

The Podz Intensive Bundle – the all-in-one school furniture package that brings learning to life with innovative design and creative appeal. Imagine a classroom or study area where students are actively engaged, learning and creating in a vibrant atmosphere. That’s what the Podz Intensive bundle strives to deliver!

Our bundle includes 1x Podz Arc table and 4x Sway Midi stools, so you get a full complement of furniture that optimises student comfort and performance. The versatile, curved design of the Arc Table encourages collaboration and mobility throughout any space, while the distinctively designed Sway stools provide an exciting alternative to traditional seating solutions. Each of these ergonomic wonders enables free movement in all directions, inspiring a wide range of motions that increases blood flow for better alertness and improved concentration.

With the Podz Intensive Bundle, you can create an immersive learning environment that puts students in charge of their education experience – equipped with state-of-the-art furniture that promotes engagement while providing maximum comfort! Bring learning to life with this must-have collection today!

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