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Case Study

Mount Lilydale Mercy College

In the quest for enhancing student experiences and facilities, Mount Lilydale Mercy College partnered with VE Furniture to revamp their locker systems. This collaboration aimed to not only provide secure storage solutions but also to integrate modern technology needs.



Mount Lilydale Mercy College faced the challenge of needing a new locker systems that met the technological demands of their students. In an age where personal devices are integral to learning and communication, the school recognised the necessity for a more sophisticated solution.

The objective was clear: to implement a secure, aesthetically pleasing locker system that could accommodate the charging of personal devices, thereby enhancing the overall student experience.



Blue Tree Studios

VEFurniture_Lilydale_Lockers (compressed)

Powering Up Learning: Integrated Charging Solutions.

VE Furniture responded with our state-of-the-art Secure It range of school lockers, renowned for their durability, security and design flexibility. The chosen design featured a combination of Natural Oak and Dark Oak E0 laminate finishes, striking a balance between durability, sustainability and aesthetic appeal. This choice contributed to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for students.

The integration of power outlets within the lockers was a game-changer, allowing students to securely charge their personal devices during school hours. This innovative feature acknowledged the pivotal role of technology in modern education and the importance of keeping devices powered throughout the day for uninterrupted learning.