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Resource centres for modern learning

Creating truly vibrant and functional learning centres!

The library is a dynamic learning hub that needs to accommodate a range of distinct zones. These include space for independent research, project based collaboration, lectures, meetings, interactions and presentations. Flexible design is essential to support this variety of activities in a social space that encourages interaction, conversation and knowledge exchange to process information, develop ideas and problem solve.

Digital Future

Create areas that foster serendipitous learning experiences to share, curate and discover knowledge.

As a starting point, consider the types of study and activity that students will undertake in the Library then create spaces within the space to accommodate.

Collaborative zone

Collaborative learning cultures are lively environments which coexist within traditional quiet reading spaces. Promote group work by creating a room within a room using high surface desks for groups of 2-6 or circular table arrangements with good eye contact for effective communication to reap the benefits of peer to peer interaction.

Quiet study zone

Gain new insights to use in new and different ways with a calm and quiet space to facilitate depth in thought. Reflective zones allow students to work independently to explore new ideas and reflect on past learnings. Be it in a reading nook, at a private workstation or online utilising digital resources.

Social learning zone

Create a social hub as you expose students to experiences that help them find their passion! This student led approach is best facilitated within an informal, comfortable zone within the library setting. With the teacher as the mentor, students can learn socially by observation as they’re organised into workshop projects centered around a common interest. Flexible furniture with free form arrangements delivers personalisation where learning is interactive and creative.

Resource display zone

The library is the heart of the school with its endless collections of materials, programs and services. Invigorate the discovery process with well-presented resources showcased in easy access displays utilising face out formats that beg users to read and borrow, then watch as your circulation figures increase.

Presentation zone

Reflection is a key stage in the learning process where a student presents their understanding of what they think and understand of the topic being explored. By expressing their findings to their group of peers, feedback is provided and the potential for new thoughts and ideas to be exchanged is released. At the younger year levels this space can be utilised for story time and concept learning, as an exciting alternative venue to their usual classroom.

Librarian’s Space

Be it the circulation desk, the office or the back room this is the heart of the library where all the important working functions take place. Providing adequate storage for the varying processes that are undertaken is vital for this space, as well as creating personal spaces for the staff that perform their duties here. Clear lines of sight are paramount and ensure students have access to the human resources they require when on their discoveries.

Furniture considerations for the Library

Creativity is to Think More Openly + Efficiently!

Our range has many options so we’re able to offer a wide array of services.

Habitat Modular Sofa for Schools by VE Furniture

01. Habitat

Feel the embrace of Habitat: Den as you breakaway for group based activities or retreat for a spot of solo reflection and focus.

Rubix Library Browser by VE Furniture

02. Rubix

The Rubix Book Browser is ideal for fiction series books making it ideal for book storage and display with the access from all sides.

Mako School Chair by VE Furniture

03. Mako

The Mako Chair is anything but a fish out of water! This killer lounge chair is a veritable jack-of-all-trades making its home in libraries.

Inform Library Bookcase and Shelving by VE Furniture

04. Inform

The Inform 1800 Single Sided Shelving System offers multiple shelves for high storage needs, be it in offices and libraries.

Shinto Media Table by VE Furniture

05. Shinto

Our Shinto Media Tables are ideal for use against a wall or for congregating around a screen or whiteboard.

Supernova Library Lounge by VE Furniture

06. Supernova

Reconfigure your space as often as you like to create cozy library, administration, humanities and STEAM spaces.

Origami Privacy Booth by VE Furniture

07. Origami

The acoustic absorption of your Origami Sofa Booth reduces external noise, making it ideal for lobbies, libraries and open spaces.

Island Low Collaboration Table by VE Furniture

08. Island

The Island Low Table is ideal for meetings, collaboration and individual work alike in libraries, work areas and staff rooms.

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