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Kube Book Browser

The Kube Book Display is ideal for highlighting popular book collections or segregating series for quick access with the added convenience of being accessible from all sides.

Responsive Table
Model Number
KUB001 Kube Midi
KUB002 Kube Maxi
W804 x D804 x H681
W804 x D804 x H1074



Warranty7 Years


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Flexible Design

Kube Book Browsers redefine library spaces with their adaptive and dynamic design. Available in two distinct heights—Midi (681mm) and Maxi (1074mm)—Kube fits seamlessly into any library environment, catering to both children and adults. Each unit measures 804mm in width and depth, providing substantial space to showcase and access a variety of books and media. The Midi model is perfect for younger students, allowing easy access at their height, while the Maxi model suits older students and adults, offering a taller browsing experience.

Mobility and Versatility

Featuring lockable castors, each Kube browser can be effortlessly moved and secured, offering unparalleled flexibility in library configuration. This mobility is ideal for schools that value modifiable learning environments, enabling librarians and educators to easily rearrange spaces according to the day’s needs or special events.

Customisable Arrangements

Kube doesn’t just store and present; it transforms. Use these browsers individually for focused areas or align them in rows to serve as practical and stylish room dividers. By mixing the Midi and Maxi models, libraries can create engaging and inviting areas that appeal to all age groups. Additionally, the option to integrate Kube with various ottomans allows for the creation of unique shapes and seating arrangements, making the library a more interactive and enjoyable space.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Committed to sustainability, the Kube series is constructed from E0 Laminate and sustainably sourced laminated plywood and birch ply options. These materials ensure a lower environmental impact while maintaining high durability and aesthetic appeal. The availability in a range of standard laminate colours provides the opportunity to customise the look to match any school’s interior design scheme, reinforcing the library’s role as a central, welcoming hub of learning.

Ideal for Any Setting

Designed with Australian schools in mind, Kube is versatile enough to enhance any educational library. From primary school libraries where space and accessibility are key, to high school libraries that require more sophisticated setups and even into public libraries and civic spaces that cater to a broader audience, Kube offers a solution that meets diverse needs and preferences.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

9 choices available

Laminated Ply

4 choices available

Natural Timber

2 choices available

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