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Modular Lounges

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Island in Action
See how Avila College utilised the Island Curve 1050 High Tables in their new VCE centre.
Through bold visual identities and digital platforms, we help progressive organizations advance by setting the standard in exceptional design—creatively, technically, sustainably, and ethically.

Secure It Lockers

Safeguarding valuables with robust construction and secure locking mechanisms. Our range offers peace of mind, featuring durable materials and customisable configurations to suit any educational environment.

Mount Lilydale Mercy College
Mount Lilydale Mercy College
Mount Lilydale Mercy College
Limited Time Locker Packages
Discover the ultimate in convenience and security with our exclusive locker packages designed for seamless organisation. Whether you're looking to upgrade your office space, enhance your educational environment or secure your personal items, we have the ideal solution tailored just for you.
Offer Ends July 31st 2024

Secure It Full Height Lockers

Maximise storage without sacrificing style with Secure It Full Height Lockers. Designed for the comprehensive needs of educational environments, these lockers offer extensive space for everything from backpacks to sports gear. Engineered for durability and security, they stand as a testament to privacy and organisation, making them an ideal choice for high schools and universities seeking a blend of functionality and simple design.

How to customise your VE Furniture locker

We’re pretty chuffed with our base range of lockers. They’re functional and full of practical innovations to make your life easier. But if you’re looking for something different, we’re ready to get creative with you.

1. Choose your body
Choose the locker body that best suits your needs or mix and match to create your perfect space.
2. Pick your layout
Need something taller or shorter? No problem. Choose the amount of lockers you need per bay.
3. Materials & finishes
Choose from any of our materials like laminate or plywood. Then add door finishes like mail slots.
4. Lock & Accessories
From key to striker, choose the lock that fits your needs. Then level up with details like numbering.

Secure It Three-quarter Height Lockers

Discover the perfect balance of space-saving design and ample storage with Secure It Three-quarter Height Lockers. Tailored for environments where space is at a premium, these lockers provide generous storage capacity in a more compact form and facilitate a connected and efficient educational setting.

Secure It Half Height Lockers

Embrace compact convenience with Secure It Half Height Lockers. Specially designed for personal items and smaller educational resources, these lockers are the epitome of space efficiency. Suitable for younger students or areas requiring low-profile storage solutions, they offer a secure and organised way to manage belongings in a clutter-free environment.


Secure It Mobile Lockers

Elevate flexibility and adaptability in your learning space with Secure It Mobile Lockers. These movable storage units are equipped with durable casters, allowing for easy relocation to suit various school spaces and configurations. With their robust design and versatile functionality, Secure It Mobile Lockers are indispensable for dynamic and multi-use educational settings, ensuring secure storage wherever it's needed.

Featured project

A well-formed fitout

Mount Lilydale Mercy College

The lockers for Mount Lilydale Mercy College featured a combination of natural woodgrains. Working directly with Mount Lilydale Mercy, we started by understanding the specific needs of teaching staff and students, allowing us to create effective storage within a space for the next generation of leaders.

Unlock Insights: Explore Our Educational Blog

Dive into choosing the right lockers with our treasure trove of articles. Our range of school lockers isn't just about security and storage; it's a stepping stone towards creating an organised, efficient and inspiring learning environment.

Can I personalise the designs of your lockers?

Certainly! We embrace the opportunity to bring your unique vision to life, instead of focusing on limitations. Whether you're imagining curved contours, or require adjustments in size or placement, we're on it. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities empower us to tailor our offerings in countless ways, ensuring you can craft the ideal locker for your space.

What types of projects does VE Furniture undertake?

VE Furniture is equipped to handle projects of any magnitude. With a track record of crafting over 1000 locker spaces across Australia since 2010, our experience spans a broad spectrum of sizes and complexities. Our focus is on grasping the needs of the end-user, delivering storage solutions that maximise efficiency and functionality.

What makes your Secure It lockers different?

In one word, Sustainability. Our lockers are built to last and be easily maintained over their full lifecycle. We blend quality materials and precise manufacture to construct units that can withstand heavy-duty commercial use, and due to their modular frames, can be readily upgraded or have parts replaced to extend their useful life.

We also offer natural timber options along with a full suite of finishes that enable full customisation to suit any interior style.
See our specification guide for more information

What spaces are Secure it lockers best-suited to?

Our lockers have been installed in many varied educational and office space environments, from dedicated storage areas and walkways to mixed breakout spaces with multipurpose use as benching and space dividers. 
If you have a particular vision for how you see your lockers being used/accessed, speak with one of our experienced consultants to talk through the options and your space potential!