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Modular Lounges

Modular Lounges


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Island in Action
See how Avila College utilised the Island Curve 1050 High Tables in their new VCE centre.
2023 Catalogue
Our all-new Educational Brochure is packed full with engaging and collaborative furniture.
Avila College
St Helena College
Clifton Creek
Wollert Primary
Wollert Primary School-VE-Furniture-2022-8
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Learning Spaces


Student-centred learning through investigating + engineering. The STEM space is an incubator for creativity, collaboration and problem solving.

Hands on Learning

Embracing the Soft Sciences in STEM Education

In today's rapidly evolving world, embracing change is key to ensuring a bright future for our students. We recognise the importance of integrating not only the core STEM subjects but also the "soft" sciences such as collaborative learning, project-based learning, and creative problem-solving. By combining these elements, we aim to prepare students for tomorrow's challenges and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

investigating + engineering

Designing an Adaptive
STEM Environment.

An effective STEM learning space should be highly flexible, able to adapt as technology and educational needs evolve. To achieve this, we propose a concept that revolves around three interconnected spaces

Area 1.

The Classroom

A dedicated area for Mathematics and Engineering subjects, where students can immerse themselves in problem-solving and critical thinking activities.

Area 2.

The Lab

A science and technology-focused space that allows students to delve into hands-on experiences, from robotics to chemistry experiments.

Area 3.

The Commons

A collaborative area designed for open discussions, group projects, and the exchange of ideas, enabling students to learn from one another.


Creativity is to Think More Openly + Efficiently!

Our range has many options so we’re able to offer a wide array of services.

Shinto Series 2 Desk
01. Shinto Series 2

Feel the embrace of Habitat: Den as you breakaway for group based activities or retreat for a spot of solo reflection and focus.

02. Shinto Picnic

The Rubix Book Browser is ideal for fiction series books making it ideal for book storage and display with the access from all sides.

03. Shinto Media

The Mako Chair is anything but a fish out of water! This killer lounge chair is a veritable jack-of-all-trades making its home in libraries.

Inform Library Bookcase and Shelving by VE Furniture
04. Inform

The Inform 1800 Single Sided Shelving System offers multiple shelves for high storage needs, be it in offices and libraries.

Shinto Media Table by VE Furniture
05. Shinto

Our Shinto Media Tables are ideal for use against a wall or for congregating around a screen or whiteboard.

Supernova Library Lounge by VE Furniture
06. Supernova

Reconfigure your space as often as you like to create cozy library, administration, humanities and STEAM spaces.

Origami Privacy Booth by VE Furniture
07. Origami

The acoustic absorption of your Origami Sofa Booth reduces external noise, making it ideal for lobbies, libraries and open spaces.

Island Low Collaboration Table by VE Furniture
08. Island

The Island Low Table is ideal for meetings, collaboration and individual work alike in libraries, work areas and staff rooms.