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Rebel Stacking Stool

Discover the Rebel Stacking Stool – the epitome of functionality and design, crafted for the dynamic Australian classroom environment.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W435 x D335 x H450
Optional Seat Pad



Warranty5 Years

Innovative Design Meets Classroom Durability

The Rebel Stacking Stool represents the pinnacle of classroom furniture design, merging aesthetic appeal with practical utility tailored for Australian educational settings. Constructed from high-grade injection moulded polypropylene, this stool offers an innovative solution to classroom seating that is not only lightweight but also robust ensuring long-lasting durability.

Strong and Stable

Education environments demand furniture that can withstand the vigour of daily use. The Rebel Stacking Stool is built with a solid and reliable foundation, providing the strength needed to support students throughout their educational journey.

Stackable for Easy Storage

Space is at a premium in any education space. The Rebel Stacking Stool answers this challenge with its intelligent stackable design. This feature allows for effortless storage, maximizing classroom space and enabling educators to transform their teaching areas with ease and efficiency.




Ergonomic and Transportable

Understanding the movement and flow of a busy classroom, Rebel has been designed with an open front. This clever design not only facilitates easy carrying, reducing the strain on students and staff alike but also offers a convenient space to stow personal items such as backpacks, ensuring a clutter-free learning environment.

Vibrant and Versatile

Available in three vibrant colours – Ultramarine, Scarlet, and Dove – the Rebel Stacking Stool adds a splash of colour to any classroom setting. The variety allows for creative and dynamic learning spaces catering to the visual stimulation that's so important in educational psychology.

Adaptable to Various Educational Settings

Whether it's the bustling activity of a primary school craft corner or the focused atmosphere of a secondary school science lab, the Rebel Stacking Stool seamlessly adapts. It's perfect for various classroom activities from group discussions to individual study sessions.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In an era where environmental consciousness is integral to educational curricula, the use of polypropylene not only ensures a lightweight and durable product but also aligns with sustainability goals. Polypropylene is a recyclable material, reinforcing the message of environmental stewardship to students.

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Optional Seat Pad

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