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Modular Lounges

Modular Lounges

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Island in Action
See how Avila College utilised the Island Curve 1050 High Tables in their new VCE centre.
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Standard Range

Atlas Fabrics

Discover the Atlas fabric range, inspired by the diverse beauty of our global landscapes. Each hue transports you to an iconic terrain.

Craftsmanship Meets Quality Design.

Discover the timeless elegance of our standard Atlas fabric range. Meticulously woven for durability and designed for both beauty and comfort, every piece resonates with premium craftsmanship. Experience the Atlas difference today
Navy - 600x600

Cosmic deep blue, as mysterious and dark as the the night sky.

Abyss - 600x600

Profound deep blue, as mysterious and deep as ocean depths.

Oasis - 600x600

A serene blue, evoking tranquil waters in a desert retreat.

Amazon - 600x600

A lush, dark green hue, reminiscent of deep rainforest canopies.

Fern - 600x600

A refreshing mid-green, capturing the essence of forest fronds.

Moss - 600x600

A vibrant green, bursting with life and energy, akin to fresh moss beds.

Wattle - 600x600

Radiant yellow, echoing the brilliance of sunlit wattle blossoms.

Ochre - 600x600

Earthy orange, mirroring the rusted tones of the Outback's red centre.

Persian - 600x600

Bold red, evoking the fiery sunsets over Kimberley's rugged terrain.

Fox - 600x600

Light grey, subtle as morning mist over the Yarra Valley.

Slate - 600x600

A robust dark grey, akin to weathered stone cliffs.

Peat - 600x600

Intense charcoal black, as rich and dark as fertile soil.

Product Specifications.

Composition Woven | 100% Polyester Width / Weight 142 cm / 540 G/M Abrasion 30,000 Martindale Performance Rating Heavy Duty Commercial Upholstery Fire Test BS 7176: Low Pattern Repeat Nil Backing Yes