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See how Avila College utilised the Island Curve 1050 High Tables in their new VCE centre.
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Outdoor Learning

Embrace the great outdoors for enhanced learning experiences. Discover how thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces can transform education, foster health and wellbeing, focus and a love for nature.

Getting Back to Nature!

In an era where education continues to evolve, outdoor learning emerges as a pivotal element in enriching the student experience. The concept of biophilia suggests our inherent connection to nature, driving us to integrate the outdoors into educational settings. This isn't just about occasional field trips; it's about reimagining learning environments to harness nature's benefits fully. From boosting health and academic performance to enhancing focus and instilling a sense of fun, outdoor learning spaces offer a multifaceted approach to education that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

The Essence of Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning isn't merely an add-on to the curriculum; it's an energetic, interactive approach that brings education to life. By stepping outside, students engage with their environment in ways that stimulate all senses, offering a richer, more varied learning experience. This multi-sensory engagement enhances focus and aids in cognitive development.

Designing Spaces for Learning and Growth

The design of outdoor learning spaces plays a crucial role in their effectiveness. Thoughtful layout, accessibility, and integration with nature are key. These spaces should invite exploration, offer diverse sensory experiences and accommodate various teaching methods and learning styles. From schoolyards transformed into green havens to gardens that double as living classrooms, the possibilities are as vast as nature itself.


  • Where Nature Meets Nurture

    Dive into hands-on learning under the open sky, where every lesson is infused with the vitality of the outdoors and the thrill of discovery.

  • Creativity Unleashed

    Immerse yourself in a space where art and nature blend seamlessly, inspiring masterpieces that reflect the beauty and diversity of the world around us.

  • Ideas in the Breeze

    Find your inspiration in the serenity of a breakout zone, a haven for spontaneous conversations, collaborative brainstorming and the seeds of innovative ideas.

Health and Well-being: The Natural Prescription

The health benefits of regular contact with nature are well-documented. Outdoor learning environments encourage physical activity, reduce stress, and improve mental well-being. They serve as a natural remedy, enhancing students' physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and motor functions. Nature's classroom offers more than fresh air; it's a catalyst for academic achievement. Studies have consistently shown that natural light and exposure to green spaces can significantly boost cognitive development and academic performance. Outdoor lessons provide a context for theoretical knowledge, grounding learning in real-world experiences.

Fostering Environmental Stewardship

One of the most profound impacts of outdoor learning is the development of environmental consciousness among students. By learning in and about nature, students become aware of their surroundings, understanding the importance of sustainability and conservation. This hands-on experience with the environment fosters a sense of responsibility and civic pride, encouraging students to become active participants in their community.

Outdoor-Friendly Furnishings

Understanding the diverse needs of outdoor learning environments, VE Furniture offers a range of furnishings that combine durability with adaptability:

  • Weather-Resistant Tables and Seating: Our range includes durable and low-maintenance tables and chairs that resist weathering and fading, ensuring longevity and ease of use in any outdoor setting. 

Let's go Beyond the Classroom Walls

Explore our selection and find the perfect fit to transform any outdoor area into a vibrant learning environment, where every lesson is an opportunity for discovery and connection with the natural world.