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Lisbon Outdoor Table

Discover the Lisbon Outdoor Table - a sleek, versatile addition to any outdoor school setting, blending durability with style in two convenient sizes and four vibrant colours.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W800 x D800 x H750
W1400 x D800 x H750



Warranty1 Year

Versatile Design for Dynamic Learning Spaces

The Lisbon Outdoor Table is designed with the modern Australian school in mind, offering a blend of functionality and style that meets the diverse needs of today's educational environments. Its sleek polished aluminium finish and black powder-coated aluminium frame not only add a touch of sophistication to school courtyards and outdoor learning spaces but also promise durability for everyday use.

Crafted for Australian Conditions

Understanding the unique Australian climate, the Lisbon Outdoor Table is built to withstand both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether it's the harsh sun or occasional downpours, the table's robust construction ensures it remains a steadfast fixture in your school's furniture collection, making it an ideal choice for outdoor lessons, courtyard and outdoor break areas or indoor canteens and and cafe spaces.

Lightweight and Easy to Manage

One of the standout features of the Lisbon Outdoor Table is its lightweight design. Easily movable by staff and students alike, this table supports dynamic learning environments and flexible space setups. Whether rearranging for group projects, outdoor classes or special events, the Lisbon Table transitions seamlessly across various educational activities.

A Size and Style for Every Need

Available in two practical sizes, the Lisbon Outdoor Table caters to different group sizes and space requirements:

  • The compact W800 x D800 x H750 mm version is perfect for small group discussions or lunch breaks.
  • The larger W1400 x D800 x H750 mm variant accommodates bigger groups, making it ideal for collaborative projects or outdoor classes.

With four colour options to choose from, schools can select tables that complement their existing décor or school colours, adding a personalised touch to their learning environments.

Hassle-Free Assembly and Maintenance

Supplied unassembled, the Lisbon Outdoor Table ensures ease of transport and storage. Its straightforward assembly process means that your school can have these tables ready for use in no time, with minimal disruption to the school day. The table's smooth surfaces and durable materials also make maintenance a breeze, ensuring it continues to look its best with minimal effort.

A Commitment to Quality

Backed by a 1-year structural warranty, the Lisbon Outdoor Table stands as a testament to reliability.

An Investment in Sustainable Education

Choosing the Lisbon Outdoor Table is not just about acquiring furniture; it's about investing in a sustainable future for education. Its durable construction and versatile design mean that schools can reduce the need for frequent replacements, supporting eco-friendly procurement practices and fostering a culture of sustainability among students.

Product Finishes

Powder Coat

4 choices available

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