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Ares Stool

Introducing the Ares Stool - a sleek and durable seating solution for schools. Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use, it combines style, functionality and robust construction.

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Model Number
W500 x D400 x H1080 | Seat H750



Warranty5 Years


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Sleek Design and Superior Strength

The Ares Stool - part of the Ares outdoor furniture family, brings a unique blend of style and durability to school spaces. Crafted from the same high-quality, UV-stabilised polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre as the Ares Chair, this stool variant stands out with its distinct, contemporary design. Its heavy-duty build supports a safe weight limit of 135kg, accommodating a wide range of users and ensuring long-lasting durability.

Multipurpose and Space-Efficient

Ideal for dynamic and versatile educational spaces, the Ares Stool is a practical addition to any school setting. Its stacking capability, accommodating 4 to 6 stools high makes it a space-efficient option, perfect for classrooms, laboratories, art rooms, and outdoor areas. The stool's design allows for quick rearrangement and easy storage, catering to the fluctuating needs of an active learning environment.

Resilient and Maintenance-Free for Australian Weather

The Ares Stool is built to endure the diverse Australian climate. Weather-resistant and UV-stabilised, it remains unaffected by sun exposure or rain, retaining its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. This low-maintenance stool is easily cleaned and ready for everyday use, a practical feature for busy school environments.

Enhancing Educational Spaces with Modern Aesthetics

The Ares Stool's modern design adds a touch of style to any educational space. Its sleek and stylish appearance complements both indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing the overall ambiance of learning environments. The stool's minimal look aligns with the aesthetic preferences of schools seeking to create inviting and inspiring spaces for students and staff.

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UV Stabilised Plastic

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