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Lucy Chair

The stackable Lucy Chair is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. UV stabilised polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre this durable chair is weather resistant.

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Model Number
W450 x D530 x H820 | Seat H450



Warranty2 Years


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Simple Design with Superior Durability

The Lucy Chair stands out in the realm of educational furniture with its simple design, offering a refreshing twist on conventional school seating. Like its counterparts, the Snow and Ares chairs, it is made from UV-stabilised polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre ensuring longevity and resilience. The heavy-duty construction of the Lucy Chair supports a safe weight limit of 150kg, accommodating students and staff across various age groups and sizes.

Versatile and Space-Saving for Dynamic Educational Spaces

The Lucy Chair is designed with versatility at its core, ideal for diverse learning environments from primary to tertiary levels. Its stackable feature allowing 4 to 6 chairs to be stored efficiently, makes it a practical choice for schools where space is at a premium. The chair's adaptability to both indoor and outdoor settings enhances its utility, making it a go-to option for STEM labs, outdoor learning areas and school cafeterias.

Weather-Resistant and Easy to Maintain

Designed to withstand the Australian climate, the Lucy Chair is both weather-resistant and UV stabilised. This ensures that it retains its aesthetic and structural integrity, rain or shine. The chair's low maintenance requirements, coupled with its resistance to fading and wear, make it a practical and enduring addition to any educational setting.

For Contemporary Learning Environments

The Lucy Chair's simple design adds a modern touch to educational spaces. Its unique shape enhances the visual appeal of classrooms, outdoor areas and communal spaces. This chair is not just a functional piece of furniture but also a style statement, elevating the aesthetic of any educational environment while providing practical seating solutions.

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UV Stabilised Plastic

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