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Air Stool

Meet the Air Stool - the perfect blend of functionality and flair for educational environments, offered in two heights to accommodate various activities and age groups, indoors and out.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W460 x D440 x H960 | Seat H650
W500 x D440 x H1060 | Seat H750

Warranty2 Years


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A Statement of Form and Function

The Air Stool is a testament to the seamless combination of practical design with modern aesthetics. Available in seat heights of 650mm and 750mm, it caters to a wide range of students and classroom setups. Constructed from UV-stabilised polypropylene and reinforced with glass fibre, this stool supports a safe weight limit of 135kg, ensuring it can serve the diverse needs of an educational environment with ease.

Versatility in Educational Furnishings

The versatility of the Air Stool lies in its varied seat heights, making it an ideal choice for different classroom and outdoor applications. Whether it's for a collaborative workspace, a tall café table or a casual seating area, the Air Stool provides comfortable and suitable seating options for students and teachers alike. The absence of stackability is adeptly compensated by its lightweight design, allowing for easy relocation to suit the dynamic nature of school activities.

Durability for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Designed with the Australian climate in mind the Air Stool stands up to both the blazing sun and rainy days. Its weather-resistant features ensure that it remains a steadfast fixture in any educational setting be it the classroom, the art studio or the open courtyard. UV stabilisation ensures that the stool's vibrant colour stays true, season after season.

Vibrant Design to Inspire and Engage

The Air Stool's choice of colours instantly uplifts any space, injecting energy and fostering a creative learning environment. It stands as a visual statement that can stimulate discussion and engagement among students, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Low Maintenance and Ready to Serve

Arriving fully assembled, the Air Stool is prepared to be an immediate part of the educational landscape. Its sturdy build and easy-to-clean surface make for a low-maintenance addition to any space, allowing educators to devote their attention to what truly matters – nurturing the minds of their students.

Product Finishes

UV Stabilised Plastic

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