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Sky Chair

Elevate your school's seating with the Sky Chair – sleek, contemporary and built for the demands of educational environments, offering unparalleled comfort.

Responsive Table
Model Number
Standard SKY001
Stacking SKY001
W540 x D600 x H810 | Seat H450
W540 x D600 x H810 | Seat H450



Warranty2 Years


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Sleek Design with Robust Construction

The Sky Chair brings a modern aesthetic coupled with the promise of long-lasting durability to Australian schools. Crafted from the same high-grade UV-stabilised polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre as its counterparts such as the Lucy and Snow chair. It upholds a safe weight limit of 150kg, making it a reliable seating option for students across all educational levels, from primary to tertiary.

Tailored for the Australian Educational Landscape

Designed to meet the specific needs of dynamic learning spaces, the Sky Chair is a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor settings. Its design allows for a continuous, unbroken line of style and sophistication that can enhance the ambiance of any space, from open-air classrooms to library reading corners and school amphitheatres.

Weather-Proof and Maintenance-Friendly for Outdoor Use

Withstanding the varied Australian climate the Sky Chair offers exceptional weather resistance. Its UV stabilisation ensures it remains vibrant and intact through seasons of sun exposure and rainfall, maintaining both its function and its new-look quality over time. Its easy-clean surfaces allow for quick maintenance, an essential feature for the high-traffic nature of educational settings.

Adding Aesthetic Value to Educational Environments

The Sky Chair's distinct silhouette presents a sleek upgrade to traditional school furniture. Its contemporary design and visual appeal can transform any educational environment, contributing to a stimulating and inviting atmosphere for learning. This chair not only serves a practical purpose but also acts as a design element that can inspire and engage students and staff alike.

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