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Limbo Bench

How low can you go? The Limbo Bench combines a fluidity and sculptural form that offers aesthetics as well as comfort.

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W2300 x D770 x H450

Warranty7 Years


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Sculptural Elegance Meets Functional Design

The Limbo Bench is a testament to modern design melding with functional outdoor furniture. Crafted from low-density, UV-stabilised polyethylene this bench boasts a durability that can withstands the harsh Australian sun while providing a comfortable seating option for 3-4 people. Its sculptural form not only adds an aesthetic appeal to school courtyards and playgrounds but also encourages community building among students.

Innovative Material for Lasting Use

Polyethylene, known for its resilience forms the backbone of the Limbo Bench. This innovative material is celebrated for its ability to resist fading, cracking, and peeling, ensuring that the bench maintains its eye-catching hue for years to come.


Newcomb Secondary College-2022-11-1-1

- LIM001 Limbo bench shown in lime green polyethylene at Newcomb Secondary College -


An Ode to Community and Collaboration

In the heart of its design the Limbo Bench celebrates communal values, drawing students together for group activities, discussions, or simply a shared moment under the Australian sky. It serves not just as a seat but as a catalyst for conversation and relaxation, making it an ideal addition to any educational setting committed to fostering social interaction and a sense of community.

Versatility in Placement and Use

Whether it's placed in the bustling centre of a primary school playground or in a serene corner of a university campus, the Limbo Bench is versatile in its use. It's perfect for outdoor classrooms, waiting areas and as a central piece in playground settings giving educational institutions the flexibility to enhance their outdoor spaces creatively.

Environmentally Conscious and Maintenance-Free

Emphasising sustainability, the material used for the Limbo Bench is not only durable but also recyclable, aligning with the environmental values taught within Australian schools. The bench's maintenance-free nature ensures that it remains an effortless addition to any outdoor area, requiring no more than a simple wipe-down to retain its vibrant appearance.

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UV Stabilised Plastic

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