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Case Study

Newcomb Secondary College


Newcomb Secondary College




Allmore Construction

Project status

Completed, 2022

Upgrade and MODERNISATIOn.

Newcomb Secondary College underwent a complete refurbishment of the Administration and Library & Science buildings as well as the Middle School and Arts & Technology buildings over two stages, all whilst the school
remained operational.

In the most recent stage, the woodworking space was refurbished to create flexible facilities with new system technology and maker spaces, whilst underutilised areas in the science and technology spaces were transformed to enable Newcomb to offer 21st century pedagogical facilities.

Newcomb Secondary College-2022-2
Newcomb Secondary College-2022-3
Newcomb Secondary College-2022-7
Newcomb Secondary College-2022-6
Newcomb Secondary College-2022-9
Newcomb Secondary College-2022-4