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Rubix Book Browser

The Rubix Book Browser is ideal for fiction series books making it ideal for book storage and display with the added convenience of being accessible from all sides.

Responsive Table
Model Number
RUB002 Rubix Midi
RUB003 Rubix Maxi
W1200 x D1200 x H1088
W1200 x D1200 x H1311



Warranty7 Years


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Flexible Design for Dynamic Spaces

The Rubix Book Browser is ingeniously crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern library environments. With its quadratic design, Rubix serves as both an effective storage solution and a dynamic display unit, offering unparalleled flexibility in how spaces are utilised and decorated. This multifunctional design allows it to seamlessly integrate into various settings, from bustling primary school libraries to quiet high school reading corners and vibrant public library spaces.

Customisable to Your Needs

Available in two practical sizes—Midi (1088 mm high) and Maxi (1311 mm high)—the Rubix Book Browser caters to different spatial dimensions and user preferences. Each unit features adjustable shelves, making it simple to accommodate books of varying sizes, from bulky academic volumes to the latest paperbacks. The inclusion of lockable castors underscores its mobility, allowing for effortless rearrangement and secure placement, essential in multi-use environments where adaptability is key.

Crafted for Collaboration and Display

Rubix is designed not just for storage but also to inspire and engage. The flat top surface of each unit invites creativity, providing a perfect platform for thematic book displays that capture the attention of visitors and encourage exploration. This feature is particularly useful in educational settings, where visual engagement can significantly enhance learning and interest in literature.

Environmentally Conscious Materials

In line with the growing emphasis on sustainability, Rubix is constructed from sustainably sourced laminated plywood and birch ply, carrying the E0 rating which indicates lower formaldehyde emissions for a healthier indoor environment. The durable laminate finish is available in a variety of colours, ensuring that each unit can be personalised to fit the aesthetic of any space while contributing to a greener planet.

Versatile Configuration Options

The real power of the Rubix Book Browser lies in its configurability. Units can be used individually for focused areas or linked in rows to serve as room dividers, creating distinct learning zones or quiet areas without permanent structural changes. Mixing different heights and incorporating complementary pieces like ottomans enables schools and libraries to create unique, flexible layouts that can be adapted as needs evolve.

Ideal for Every Space

Whether it's a primary school learning to love books, a high school deepening its research resources or a public library expanding its community reach, the Rubix Book Browser offers a modern, practical solution that respects the needs of all users. Its robust build and thoughtful features ensure that it stands up to the demands of busy educational environments, providing lasting value and continual usability.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

9 choices available

Laminated Ply

4 choices available

Natural Timber

2 choices available

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