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Podium Book Display

Unleash creativity and learning in your library with the Podium Book Browser, transforming spaces into visual reading havens with its versatile, eye-catching design!

Responsive Table
Model Number
POI001 Mini
POI002 Midi
POI003 Maxi
POI004 Seat
W500 x D500 x H420
W500 x D500 x H620
W500 x D500 x H820
W500 x D500 x H50



Warranty7 Years


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Versatile Design Meets Functionality

Podium Book Browsers stand out with their unique multi-functional design tailored to enhance any library environment. Available in three distinct heights—Mini (420mm), Midi (620mm), and Maxi (820mm)—these podiums cater to the ergonomic needs of various age groups, from primary to high school students. Their adaptability makes them perfect for both small reading corners and extensive library setups.

Dynamic Display and Storage Solution

Each Podium features a cleverly integrated top plate, which can be utilised in two transformative ways: as a thematic display for featured books or as display bin storage by revealing two spacious compartments underneath. This design not only maximises space but also entices students to explore new titles through attractive, interactive displays.

Create Interactive Learning Islands

The simplicity of the Podium’s design allows it to blend seamlessly into any library décor while making your book collections stand out. Use them individually for focused display areas or combine them to form larger, interactive islands where students can gather around, pick their next read or view student art projects and works. The optional Podium Seat Pad adds a layer of functionality, turning the Mini Podium into comfortable seating areas, perfect for encouraging student interaction and longer engagement with books.

Sustainably Crafted for Future Generations

Committed to sustainability, the Podium series is constructed from E0 Laminate and options for laminated plywood and birch ply, sourced responsibly. These materials not only ensure durability and ease of maintenance but also support eco-friendly practices within educational environments.

Ideal for Diverse Learning Environments

Whether it's a bustling high school library, a colourful primary school reading room or a public library space, the Podium Book Browsers are designed to meet the diverse needs of any educational setting. Their robust construction and flexible utility make them a smart investment for libraries looking to enhance their interior design and functionality.

Encourage Exploration and Comfort

The versatility of the Podium allows for endless possibilities in library layout and usage, encouraging students to explore, learn and engage in a setting that is both inviting and stimulating. By integrating these podiums into your space, you invite curiosity and foster a love for reading among students of all ages.

Equip your library with these innovative browsers and watch as it transforms into a vibrant hub of activity, discovery, and inspiration!

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

9 choices available

Laminated Ply

4 choices available

Natural Timber

2 choices available

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