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Stacking Chair

Felix Stacking Chair

Discover the Felix Stacking Chair – embodying sleek design and effortless storage, it’s the ultimate seating solution for schools seeking contemporary flair and functional excellence.

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Model Number
W430 x D460 x H810 | Seat H450



Warranty5 Years


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Versatile Seating for Inspired Learning

The Felix Stacking Chair ushers in a new era of adaptable seating for schools. With its sleek lines and contemporary design, this chair is perfect for creating collaborative spaces, extra seating for school events and comfortable areas for students to relax during breaks. Its intelligent design supports the dynamic nature of educational settings, facilitating both individual study and group work with ease.

Ingenious Space Saving

Understanding the premium on space in educational institutions, the Felix Chair shines with its stackability. It stands out for its ability to stack up to ten chairs high, an innovative feature that allows schools to maintain spaciousness while having immediate access to additional seating when necessary. The compact stack ensures that these chairs are effortlessly stowed away, freeing up space for a myriad of educational activities or easy of cleaning in busy spaces such as canteens and cafés.

Enduring Construction

Moulded from high-quality polyethylene fiberglass, it is built to endure the demands of daily academic life. The resilient material guarantees that the chairs are ready for constant use, enabling them to be stacked and re-stacked without compromising their integrity. This chair is not just furniture; it's a lasting addition to your school’s assets.




Smooth and Easy Movement

Equipped with floor glides, the Felix Chair allows for smooth relocation across classroom floors. Whether it's for rearranging the layout for different teaching modules or for clearing space for school functions and assemblies, these chairs can be moved with minimal effort. The glides also protect the floor surfaces, ensuring that the hustle and bustle of school life doesn't leave its mark.

Accommodating and Inclusive

With a sturdy design that supports up to 100kg, the Felix Chair is an inclusive seating option that caters to all students. Its robust build provides a secure and comfortable seating experience, reflecting the inclusive ethos that is central to Australian education.

Indoors and Outdoors – A Perfect Fit

The Felix Chair is designed to transition seamlessly from indoor classrooms to outdoor learning environments, offering schools the versatility to take education outside the confines of four walls. Durable and stable, it is an excellent choice for outdoor assemblies, classes, and café spaces.

Tailored to Your School's Style

Presented in a classic Dark Grey finish, the Felix Chair adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. For schools wishing to express their unique identity, custom colour options are available with bulk orders of 20 or more. This customisation allows for aligning the chairs with school colours or creating a vibrant, engaging environment for students to thrive in.

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