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Podz Bone

Podz Bone tables are perfect for solo focused work or for holding resources and materials. Bone’s convex and concave curves join seamlessly with the Podz Blade, Crescent, Helix and Round tables.


Height Adjustable

Warranty10 Years

Engagement and creativity is vital for gaining new insights and innovation. The Podz range includes a huge selection of free-flowing, modular tables and ottomans that encourage people to come together, and see things differently. The perfect collection of products to super-charge culture and minds. Mix and match table shapes to create interactive spaces.


  • Top: Laminate, Writable and Timber options
  • Frame: Silver powder coated steel. Other colours available upon request. 

Model Numbers

Model Description Overall Dimensions (mm)
P7G016 Podz Bone 720 Table - Glides Ø940 x H720
P7C016 Podz Bone 720 Table - Castors Ø940 x H720
P9G016 Podz Bone 900 Table - Glides Ø940 x H900
P9C016 Podz Bone 900 Table - Castors Ø940 x H900
P5AG016 Podz Bone 550-750 Adjustable Table - Glides Ø940 x H550-750
P5AC016 Podz Bone 550-750 Adjustable Table - Castors Ø940 x H550-750
P7AG016 Podz Bone 720-930 Adjustable Table - Glides Ø940 x H720-930
P7AC016 Podz Bone 720-930 Adjustable Table - Castors Ø940 x H720-930


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