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Circo Ottoman

Transform any space with the Circo Ottoman – versatile, circular seating available in three sizes, perfect for dynamic and collaborative working environments.

Responsive Table
Model Number
ø600 x H425
ø900 x H425
ø1200 x H425



Warranty10 Years


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Versatile Seating for Every Space

Meet the Circo Ottoman, the playful yet practical addition to any contemporary environment. With its rounded circular profile, the Circo Ottoman brings a touch of whimsy and flexibility to primary and high school libraries, classrooms, and staff rooms. Its informal design suits collaborative zones and even public libraries, offices and healthcare centres.

Customisable Comfort

The Circo Ottoman range comes standard in durable Atlas Fabrics. For those seeking a touch of luxury, upgrade to our  Haven Wool Fabrics or the unique Jimmy Pike Australia range of fabrics. This variety ensures that the Circo Ottoman fits seamlessly into any decor, adding both comfort and style.

Value-Driven Versatility

Offering a value-driven solution, the Circo Ottoman is an affordable choice for soft seating. Despite its cost-effectiveness, it doesn’t compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal. Ideal for classrooms, collaborative zones and civic spaces, it provides versatile seating options without breaking the budget.

Perfect Fit for Any Space

Available in three sizes – ⌀600 mm, ⌀900 mm, and ⌀1200 mm – the Circo Ottoman is designed to meet diverse needs. Whether you need a compact seat for a cosy corner or a larger option for group activities or lobby seating, there’s a Circo Ottoman that fits perfectly.

The Circo Ottoman range is about creating inviting, flexible spaces that adapt to the needs of their users. From educational settings to public libraries and beyond, the Circo Ottoman combines playful design with practical functionality, making it a standout choice for any space.



Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

12 choices available

Haven Fabric

8 choices available

Falling Star

7 choices available


7 choices available


7 choices available

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