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Modular Lounge

Elements Air Hexagon Ottoman

Elevate your space with the Elements Air Hexagon Ottoman—a minimalist marvel marrying the sleekness of steel with the comfort of cushioning.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W1380 x D1200 x H450



Warranty7 Years

Open Form, Open Minds

The Elements Air Hexagon Ottoman isn't just a seat; it's a centrepiece of structural beauty. Its 25mm thick powder-coated steel frame forms an open, airy base that defies the bulkiness of traditional furniture. It's a testament to how a touch of minimalism can open up a space, both physically and visually, encouraging an open mindset perfect for brainstorming and collaboration.

Cushioned Comfort

Perched atop the elegantly slender frame is a 100mm foam, upholstered top that offers a soft comfort. It's a harmony of hard and soft, where the precision of the frame meets the plushness of the cushion. This is where the magic of design meets the comfort needed for extended discussions and deep dives into learning.

A Palette of Possibilities

The Hexagon Ottoman offers a spectrum of upholstery options to match any educational environment. Whether it’s a pop of colour to inspire creativity or a neutral hue to calm and focus, this piece adapts to the aesthetic of your space.

Geometry that Gathers

Group multiple Elements Air Hexagon Ottomans together to create a honeycomb of collaborative seating, or use a singular piece as a standalone statement. The geometric design is not just visually appealing; it's functional, allowing pieces to fit together in a seamlessly tessellated layout.

Airy Innovation

The Elements Air Hexagon Ottoman is more than a piece of furniture—it’s an innovative leap into the future of educational environments. It’s where form meets function in an airy dance of design, perfect for spaces that value the lightness of being as much as the solidity of knowledge.

Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

11 choices available

Haven Fabric

8 choices available

Falling Star

7 choices available


7 choices available


7 choices available

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