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Modular Lounge

Elements Air Nimbus Ottoman Set

Float ideas around the Elements Air Nimbus setting, where sleek design tessellates to form versatile shapes that inspire and adapt to the flow of collaborative learning.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W1380 x D1200 x H450



Warranty7 Years

The Shape of Innovation

With the Elements Air Nimbus setting, geometry takes centre stage, showcasing how three unique shapes β€” a triangle, a diamond and a trapezium β€” come together in a dance of design. This trio of ottomans invites educators and students into a world of flexible layouts, encouraging creativity in assembly and thought.

Sleek Lines for Open Minds

Each piece in the Nimbus setting is characterised by a 25mm powder-coated steel frame, offering an ethereal take on modern furniture. The open structure not only adds a visual lightness to the space but also an ideological openness to the educational environment.

Comfort in Clusters

Crowned with 100mm of plush foam, the Elements Air ottomans provide a comfortable perch for pondering or a cosy nook for collaboration. Whether arranged into a hexagon for group work or in a line for individual focus, the Nimbus setting is the canvas for your configuration.

Versatile by Design

The genius of the Nimbus setting lies in its versatility. Arrange the pieces for a hexagonal hub, line them up for a collaborative bench or spread them out for individual seating. Each shape is designed to align with ease, proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A Cloud of Possibility

The Elements Air Nimbus setting is where form floats free from convention and function embraces flexibility. For any forward-thinking educational space, the Nimbus setting is a breath of fresh air, bringing with it endless possibilities for arrangement, interaction and inspiration.

Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

12 choices available

Haven Fabric

8 choices available

Falling Star

7 choices available


7 choices available


7 choices available

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