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Podz Round

Podz Round tables are made for active learning environments where flexibility and student engagement are key. They work just as easily in a learning space as in a break room or meeting space.


Height Adjustable

Warranty10 Years

Engagement and creativity is vital for gaining new insights and innovation. The Podz range includes a huge selection of free-flowing, modular tables and ottomans that encourage people to come together, and see things differently. The perfect collection of products to super-charge culture and minds. Mix and match table shapes to create interactive spaces.


  • Top: Laminate, Writable and Timber options
  • Frame: Silver powder coated steel. Other colours available upon request. 

Model Numbers

Model Description Overall Dimensions (mm)
P7G012 Podz Round 720 Table - Glides Ø1200 x H720
P7C012 Podz Round 720 Table - Castors Ø1200 x H720
P9G012 Podz Round 900 Table - Glides Ø1200 x H900
P9C012 Podz Round  900 Table - Castors Ø1200 x H900
P5AG012 Podz Round 550-750 Adjustable Table - Glides Ø1200 x H550-750
P5AC012 Podz Round 550-750 Adjustable Table - Castors Ø1200 x H550-750
P7AG012 Podz Round 720-930 Adjustable Table - Glides Ø1200 x H720-930
P7AC012 Podz Round 720-930 Adjustable Table - Castors Ø1200 x H720-930

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