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Multi-purpose Table

Podz Round Table

Elevate collaborative learning with the Podz Round Table, designed to nurture teamwork and engagement among students from primary classrooms to university study groups.

Responsive Table
Model Number
Ø1200 x H720
Ø1200 x H720
Ø1200 x H900
Ø1200 x H900
Ø1200 x H550-750
Ø1200 x H550-750
Ø1200 x H720-930
Ø1200 x H720-930


Height Adjustable

Warranty10 Years

Inclusive and Collaborative Design

The Podz Round Table is designed to foster an inclusive environment, making it ideal for group activities and collaborative learning. Its circular shape ensures that all participants have equal access to the workspace, facilitating face-to-face interaction and improving the exchange of ideas during discussions and projects. With a diameter of 1200 mm, this table provides ample space for multiple students or team members to work together productively, catering to learners of all levels, from primary school to university and beyond.

Customisable Leg Options

The Podz Round Table offers several leg styles to suit various educational settings and user needs:

  • P7G: Fixed-Height (720mm) with Glides
  • P7C: Fixed-Height (720mm) with Castors
  • P9G: Fixed-Height (900mm) with Glides
  • P9C: Fixed-Height (900mm) with Castors
  • P5AG: Low Range Adjustable (550-750mm) with Glides
  • P5AC: Low Range Adjustable (550-750mm) with Castors
  • P7AG: Adjustable Height (720-930mm) with Glides
  • P7AC: Adjustable Height (720-930mm) with Castors

This flexibility allows you to tailor the table's height to meet specific requirements, ensuring ergonomic comfort for users of all ages.

Durable and Eco-Friendly Materials

Crafted from 18mm E0 laminate, the Podz Round Table ensures durability and a long-lasting finish. The matching ABS edge colour enhances its aesthetic appeal while providing additional protection. For those seeking a more premium option, upgrades are available to sustainably sourced laminated plywood, raw coated birch plywood, and rubberwood finishes.

Custom Finish Options

The standard finish for Podz legs is Platinum powder-coated steel, but you can also choose Black or White finishes upon request. This allows seamless integration with any interior design.

Ideal for Various Learning Environments

Whether used in classrooms for group projects, staff rooms for meetings or libraries for study sessions, the Podz Round Table adapts to any setting. Its robust design and customisable features make it a reliable choice for any space where a sturdy table is needed. The inclusive circular design promotes teamwork and engagement, making it a vital addition to any collaborative environment.

Upgrade your educational or professional space with the versatile and durable Podz Round Table, designed to support collaboration and productivity in any setting.

Product Finishes

Leg Powder-coat

3 choices available

E0 Laminate

10 choices available

Laminated Ply

4 choices available

Natural Timber

2 choices available

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