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12 Chair + Trolley Set

Rune Chair & Trolley Set

Transform your multi-use space with our Rune Chair and Trolley Package, designed to provide ergonomic comfort and unparalleled convenience.

Includes: 1x Trolley and 12x Rune Chairs



Warranty7 Years

Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Learning

The Rune Chair redefines seating with its ergonomic design, ensuring students remain comfortable and focused during long periods of study or during exams. Whether you opt for the warmth and beauty of natural oak laminated plywood or the added comfort of the upholstered option, each chair is crafted to support the well-being of students and educators alike.

Seamless Mobility and Storage

Accompanied by a durable trolley, the Rune Chairs can be easily transported and stored, making them an ideal solution for multipurpose educational spaces. The trolley's robust design and smooth castors ensure effortless movement, accommodating the dynamic needs of today's learning environments.

Customisable Options for Every Space

Tailor the Rune Chair to your space with our customisable options. The natural oak finish brings a touch of nature into the classroom, promoting a calm and inviting atmosphere, while the upholstered option offers additional comfort and a splash of colour to energise any setting.

Space-Saving Solution for Busy Environments

Designed with the bustling Australian educational sector in mind, the Rune Chair and Trolley Package is a space-saving marvel. Easily stack and store chairs when not in use, allowing for versatile use of educational spaces without the clutter.

Pair with the Rune Table for the Ultimate Setup

For a cohesive and functional classroom or exam setup, pair the Rune Chair with the Rune Table and Trolley package. This combination not only ensures a harmonious aesthetic but also provides a seamless experience for both students and educators during critical learning moments.

Designed with the needs of Australian schools in mind, this package is set to transform classrooms and exam halls into more adaptable, comfortable and efficient environments.

Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

12 choices available

Laminated Ply

1 choices available

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