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Modular Lounge

Elements Karst Lounge

Elements: Karst provides comfortable, durable seating in waiting areas, open spaces and faculty areas. Add a Pebble laptop table to make Karst the perfect place to perch away from the desk.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W2075 x D1200 x H800 | Seat H450



Warranty7 Years

Uniting Seclusion and Sociability

In a class of its own, the Elements Karst Setting from VE Furniture's Elements Collection merges individual study with the potential for shared interaction. Comprising two Large Trapezium Sofas placed back to back, this arrangement creates a dual-zone experience where students can engage in private.

Designed for Modern Learning Landscapes

The innovative back-to-back design of the Karst Setting carves out niches of privacy in bustling educational settings. It's an ideal solution for libraries or common areas where students can benefit from the buzz of activity without the distraction, ensuring a focused yet connected learning environment.

Robust Materials and Engaging Textures

Constructed with Atlas Fabrics, the Karst Setting promises durability and ease of care, a non-negotiable feature in high-usage educational settings. The available upgrade to Haven Australian Wool Fabrics and an array of laminate finishes invite customisation, allowing schools to imbue their spaces with a sense of identity.




Comfort with a Purpose

The Elements Large Trapezium Sofas offer a generous seating area, crafted to support ergonomics and comfort. Whether it's for quick brainstorming sessions or prolonged research, the Karst Setting ensures that comfort is constant, enhancing the learning experience without interruption.

Aesthetic Versatility

The Karst Setting's upholstery options are a nod to contemporary design trends, providing an opportunity to infuse learning environments with vibrant colours or soothing neutrals. This versatility ensures that the setting will harmonise with existing decor or serve as a statement piece within the space.

Facilitating Flexible Interactions

The Karst Setting isn’t just about sitting; it's about facilitating dynamic interactions. The ease with which students can transition from solitary work to collaborative engagement is a testament to the thoughtful design, embodying the fluidity required in modern educational settings.

Space-Saving by Design

The compact footprint of the Karst Setting is a space-saver, a crucial consideration in educational environments where every square meter counts. By combining two functional spaces in one, it maximises usability without compromising on comfort or style.

A Smart Solution for Interactive Learning

The Elements Karst Setting redefines educational furniture by balancing the need for personal space with the benefits of collaboration. It’s a smart furnishing solution that respects the individual's space while encouraging the collaborative spirit of learning.

Schools seeking to enhance their learning environments with furniture that adapts to the evolving needs of education will find the Elements Karst Setting to be a valuable addition. It’s not just a place to sit—it's a place to grow, learn and connect in more ways than one.

Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

12 choices available

Haven Fabric

8 choices available

Falling Star

7 choices available


7 choices available


7 choices available

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