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Planke Desk

With clean lines and a lots of desktop space, The Planke Desk is the perfect place for staff to spread out, touch base and plan lessons.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W1200 x D750 x H720
W1350 x D750 x H720
W1500 x D750 x H720
W1800 x D750 x H720
W1800 x D900 x H720



Warranty10 Years


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Crafting Educators' Workspaces with Clean Lines

The Planke Desk is the epitome of form meeting function within the educational realm. It presents a clean, simple slab design that offers a generous workspace tailored to the multifaceted demands of school staff, from lesson planning to administrative duties.

Diverse Dimensions for Tailored Fit

With five distinct sizes available, ranging from W1200 x D750 x H720 to the more spacious W1800 x D900 x H720, the Planke Desk caters to individual preferences and spatial requirements of offices, staffrooms and reception areas alike. This selection allows for a personalised touch in creating an efficient and comfortable work environment.

Enduring Craftsmanship for Lasting Service

Constructed with the day-to-day needs of school staff in mind, each Planke Desk boasts a resilient ABS edge band. This robust detailing protects against daily wear and tear, maintaining the desk’s appearance and integrity throughout its lifetime.

Technological Integration for Modern Demands

Anticipating the technological needs of contemporary education environments, the Planke Desk offers an upgradeable power option. This addition is a nod to the ever-present role of digital devices in educational administration, ensuring seamless connectivity and uninterrupted productivity.

Cohesive Collaboration with Existing Décor

The Planke Desk's adaptability shines when paired with complementary products within the Planke line, enabling a cohesive aesthetic across all spaces. Its design facilitates both standalone placement and modular configurations, perfect for the collaborative settings of staffrooms where flexibility is as valued as stability.

Optional Addons for Customised Organisation

Embrace the full potential of the Planke Desk with addons designed to elevate the functionality of your workspace. The Planke Mobile Pedestal is a perfect companion for the Planke Desk, offering mobile, secure storage for all the essentials. With its smooth casters, it glides effortlessly to where it’s needed, ensuring that important documents and supplies are always within reach.

Upgrade the utility of your Planke Desk with the addition of the Planke Hutch. Designed to complement the desk's clean lines and professional aesthetic, the Hutch maximises vertical space, providing additional storage and display options without expanding the footprint of your workspace.

Both the Mobile Pedestal and Hutch embody the Planke commitment to versatility and cohesion. They are available in matching E0 laminate colours, ensuring a seamless integration with your desk. These addons not only enhance the organisation but also the overall look and feel of staff environments, creating a harmonious and efficient workspace that meets the diverse needs of educational professionals.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

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