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Satellite Desk

Tidus Podium Satellite Desk

Experience unmatched functionality with the Tidus Podium Satellite Desk, featuring an expansive curved top for superior workspace in any educational setting, enabling a more interactive teaching approach.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W485 x D600 x H1070



Warranty10 Years


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The Tidus Podium Satellite Desk epitomises functional design tailored to the demands of contemporary classrooms. This model elevates the teaching experience by combining the practicality of traditional desks with the expansive utility of a podium.

Constructed from high-quality 18mm MDF and finished with a tough ABS edge, the Tidus Podium is engineered to endure the daily challenges of educational environments. Its defining feature is the large, curved keystone-shaped top, which not only adds aesthetic value but also provides substantial workspace. This extra surface area is perfect for organising teaching materials, deploying digital devices, and facilitating hands-on activities, making it an invaluable asset for educators who utilise diverse teaching tools and methods.

The ergonomic design of the curved top allows teachers to comfortably reach all areas of the desk, minimising strain and enhancing accessibility during lessons. This design supports a more natural interaction with students, fostering an engaging and inclusive learning atmosphere.

As with the other models in the Tidus range, this desk includes a retractable table that seamlessly transitions from a standing to a seated position. This feature is particularly beneficial in adaptive educational settings where flexibility is key to accommodating various teaching and learning styles.

Storage is thoughtfully addressed with four built-in drawers, featuring robust steel rails for durability. These drawers offer ample space for files and teaching aids, with a one to all lockable drawer providing secure storage for personal or sensitive items. The seamless routed finger pull handles maintain the desk’s sleek, modern look while ensuring easy access to contents.

The Tidus Podium Satellite Desk is also designed for easy mobility within the classroom. Equipped with lockable mobile castors, it can be moved effortlessly to different locations or secured in place, depending on the needs of the lesson or the layout of the space.

Feature Highlights:
  • Premium 18mm MDF construction with durable ABS edging for enhanced longevity.
  • Large curved keystone-shaped top providing an expansive work area for diverse teaching needs.
  • Retractable table enabling conversion between standing and seated configurations.
  • Four functional drawers with steel sides, including two for files and a one to all a secure lock.
  • Smooth routed finger pull handles for a modern, hardware-free aesthetic.
  • Easy-to-maneuver design with lockable mobile castors for optimal placement and stability.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

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