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Modular Lounge

Elements Tor Lounge

Embrace the comfort of home at school with the Elements Tor Setting – a harmonious blend of informal ottoman pieces perfect for breakout zones, libraries, and reception areas.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W3464 x D1800 x H450



Warranty7 Years

Facilitating Flexible Learning Environments

In a world where adaptability is key, the Elements Tor Setting stands out with its modular hexagon ottomans and optional Pebble Laptop Tables. Part of VE Furniture’s Elements Collection, this configuration is crafted for modern, tech-driven educational settings.

Dynamic Design for Interactive Spaces

This setting invites dynamic interaction with its three Hexagon Ottomans, positioned to promote engagement and conversation. The hexagonal shape naturally draws individuals together, facilitating collaboration and peer-to-peer learning with a shape that breaks the conventional classroom mould.

Tech-Integrated Comfort

Understanding the need for technology in learning, the Tor Setting can be upgraded with our Pebble Laptop Tables, perfectly proportioned for individual tasks that involve digital devices. Their sleek design complements the ottomans, offering a stable surface for laptops, tablets or a cup of coffee during breaks.

Customisable and Contemporary

With the promise of customisation, each piece in the Tor Setting can reflect your institution's style and ethos. Choose from the durable Atlas Fabrics or upgrade to the Haven Australian Wool for a touch of softness, ensuring that the setting not only meets functional requirements but also aesthetic preferences.

Sustainability Meets Durability

Crafted with sustainable materials, the Tor Setting prioritises eco-consciousness without compromising on durability. The high-quality construction guarantees that the setting will endure the demands of daily use, embodying VE Furniture’s commitment to sustainable practices.

An Anchor for Spontaneous Learning

The arrangement of ottomans and tables in the Tor Setting creates a central hub for spontaneous or structured learning activities. It’s a space where students can gather for group projects, educators can hold impromptu sessions and ideas can be exchanged with ease.

Effortless Reconfiguration

One of the Tor Setting's key strengths is its versatility. The modular ottomans and lightweight tables can be effortlessly reconfigured to suit various educational activities and space requirements, making it a practical solution for schools that value flexibility and modularity.

A Foundation for Future Education

Incorporating the Elements Tor Setting into educational facilities provides a clear message: the institution is committed to fostering a forward-thinking, adaptable and inclusive environment. It’s an ideal choice for schools looking to lead the way in innovative and interactive educational design.

Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

11 choices available

Haven Fabric

8 choices available

Falling Star

7 choices available


7 choices available


7 choices available

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