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Storage Unit

Storewell 4 Bay Unit

Simplify your storage with the Storewell 4 Bay Open Storage – the versatile and stylish solution for every Australian classroom.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W807 x D450 x H854



Warranty10 Years

Contemporary Design with Customisable Cubes

The Storewell 4 Bay Open Storage unit is a model of modern functionality. Each of its four cubes, measuring 375mm by 375mm, can be utilised openly or customised with a range of accessories to meet the unique needs of your educational space.

Adaptable Storage Options

Whether it's small drawers for classroom stationary, large drawers for bulkier items, tote boxes for individual student supplies or doors for concealed storage, this unit's adaptability makes it a perfect fit for the dynamic classroom. The Storewell 4 Bay Open Storage unit can also be upgraded to swap the 50mm height adjustable feet with mobile castors for further flexibility. 

Built for the Australian School Environment

Constructed with high-quality materials, this open storage unit is designed to withstand the daily activities of a lively classroom. The open design encourages organisational skills among students and provides teachers with clear visibility of stored resources.

Flexible Arrangement for Maximum Efficiency

The sleek design not only adds aesthetic value to the classroom but also contributes to space efficiency. The compact size of each cube ensures that every inch of the classroom is used optimally, without compromising on storage capacity.

Assured Durability and Support

Each Storewell 4 Bay Open Storage unit comes with a warranty that guarantees its endurance and functionality in the school setting. Rest assured that this storage solution is a long-term investment in your educational infrastructure.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

6 choices available

Laminated Ply

4 choices available

Natural Timber

2 choices available

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