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Tote Box Storage Tub

Transform classroom organisation with Tote box storage tubs! Available in two sizes, these robust, versatile tubs are perfect for every age, making storage effortless and efficient.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W420 x D365 x H115
W420 x D365 x H270



Warranty3 Years


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In the dynamic world of education, organisation is key. The Tote box storage tubs, available in Mini and Maxi size offer a versatile and robust solution to keep your classroom neat and functional.

Versatile Sizes and Durable Design
  • Tote Mini Storage Box (W420 x D365 x H115): Ideal for under desk storage, particularly in our Studiwell Range, the Tote Mini is a compact solution for smaller items.
  • Tote Maxi Storage Box (W420 x D365 x H270): Perfect for larger classroom materials, the Maxi variant provides ample space without compromising on ease of handling.

Both sizes are crafted from high-quality injection moulded polypropylene, ensuring durability and strength. The tubs are designed to withstand the rigors of daily classroom use.




Colourful Options for Creative Spaces

Available in six colours these storage tubs add a lively touch to any classroom. The colour options not only make them aesthetically pleasing but also help in categorising and organising different materials and subjects aiding visual learning.

Compatibility and Integration

The Tote box storage tubs are designed to seamlessly integrate with a range of our storage products, including the popular Storewell Range. This compatibility ensures that schools can utilise existing furniture and storage solutions without the need for additional investments.

All-Age Applicability

Whether it's for kindergarten sensory play with liquids and sands or for high school students storing STEM and Science activity kits, these tubs cater to all educational levels. Their versatility makes them suitable for storing everything from papers and art supplies to classroom resources.

Practical Benefits for Educators and Students
  • Lightweight and Stackable: The design of the Tote box tubs makes them easy to handle and stack saving valuable classroom space.
  • Interchangeability: Easily switch tubs between classrooms or within different storage units adapting to the dynamic needs of the school day.
  • Ease of Setup: Setting up for practical lessons becomes a breeze with these tubs, reducing the time and effort required for preparation, pack down and storage.

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