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Term 2

Bundles + Concepts

Thicket Table Bundle

Semi-private Shared spaces in open learning commons!

Priced From $3,890.00 + GST

These modern tables are designed to meet the needs of your shared faculty and learning spaces without the cluttered aesthetics of traditional benching furniture. The industrial style provided by the 50mm steel frame allows for versatility in applications.

Learning Commons, Libraries, Study Centres and Staff rooms require a mix of furniture, as well as the flexibility to charge personal devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Rise Table Bundle

Creating tiered working solutions in small spaces.

Priced From $4,295.00 + GST

Developed for use within an agile environment, the Rise Table Bundle is perfect for socialising and more casual moments of collaboration or solo focus.

The Rise Table Bundle works as a comfortable breakout space for four to eight students to sit and engage with content or to provide a comfortable retreat for solo reflection and personal study.

Toka Meeting Bundle

Think Outside the Box and increase group interactivity!

Priced From $2,734.00 + GST

The Shinto Series Three Toka Table is a great way to create a space that‘s both functional and beautiful. These modern conference tables are a launchpad for spontaneous collaboration and social interaction in open spaces, or a place for staff to gather for meetings and confidential confers.

Oru Lounge Bundle

Make the choice to Breakout or Huddle and Meet!

Priced From $3,080.00 + GST

The Oru Lounge Bundle has been designed to block distractions and encourage uninterrupted focus, drawing people together to spur connection and interaction in a semi-private booth setting.

Developed for use within an flexible or shared environment, students and staff can collaborate in a comfortable environment.

Wellness Breakout Bundle

Take a moment to re-centre or simply Chill + Take 5.

Priced From $3,646.00 + GST

The Wellness Breakout Bundle is the right choice for today’s climate of uncertainty and change. This take on a modern library or den space creates a tranquil retreat for students to take 5 and reconnect with themselves.

Selfcare and student wellbeing can be as simple as taking a moment to escape, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Cluster Casual Bundle

Developed for use within an agile environment!

Priced From $1,125.00 + GST

The evolution of learning spaces was a key factor in the development of the Cluster Casual Bundle, a trio of ottomans designed for classrooms, libraries, staffrooms and beyond for information sharing and brainstorming sessions or a place for solo focus and personal study.

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