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Modular Lounge

Elements Air Cumulus Ottoman Set

Drift into dynamic collaboration with the Elements Air Cumulus setting, where the ease of individuality meets the strength of unity in reconfigurable design.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W2400 x D1684 x H450



Warranty7 Years

Configurable Creativity

The Elements Air Cumulus setting is a trifecta of shape-shifting genius: two hexagons paired with a diamond, ready to unite into various formations. Like clouds that morph with the wind, these pieces can flow together into an integrated setting or float apart for individual use.

Design that Lifts the Spirit

Each ottoman features a 25mm open-frame powder-coated steel construction, creating an illusion of lightness that lifts the spirit and the aesthetic of any school space. The Cumulus setting embodies the lightness of clouds, offering an airy presence that encourages light-bulb moments and elevated thoughts.

Comfortable Collaboration

With 100mm thick foam tops, the Elements Air Cumulus ottomans ensure that comfort is never compromised. Gathered together, they form an inviting collaboration space; when separate, they offer individual islands of repose for focused tasks.

Geometric Harmony in Any Space

This setting is not just furniture—it's a geometric puzzle waiting to be solved. Arrange the hexagons and diamond in playful symmetry or use them to create breakout spaces. The Cumulus setting adapts to the unique flow of each day's educational journey.

A Blue Sky of Options

The Elements Air Cumulus setting offers a full sky's worth of options. It’s where educators and learners can converge for group sessions or find solitude among the clouds of thought. In any school that values versatility, the Cumulus setting is like a breath of fresh air—inspiring, adaptable and strikingly modern.

Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

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