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Single-sided Bookcase

Inform 1500

Elevate your school library with the Inform 1500 Bookcase, a perfect fusion of style, functionality, and sustainability for Australian schools and universities.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W900 x D310 x H1550


Height Adjustable

Warranty7 Years

Classic, Functional Design

The Inform 1500 Bookcase, measuring W900 x D310 x H1550, offers a classic and practical storage solution. Its taller stature provides ample space for a wide range of educational materials, library books or staff resources, making it ideal for libraries and staff rooms.

Sustainable and Robust Materials

Crafted from eco-friendly E0 Laminate board, with options for upgrades to laminated plywood, birch plywood or rubberwood, the Inform 1500 Bookcase is a testament to sustainable and durable design, essential in modern educational settings.

Customisable for Varied Needs

Featuring 50mm adjustable feet, this bookcase can be perfectly balanced on uneven floors. The 25mm flat edge adjustable shelves, inset by 5mm, offer flexibility in storing books and items of different sizes with adjustable increments of 10mm.

Versatile for Multiple Educational Spaces

The Inform 1500 Bookcase is designed to suit a range of educational environments, from bustling high schools to serene university settings. It provides organised and accessible storage for books, learning materials, and display items.

  • Standard with 4 adjustable shelves
  • Shelves are adjustable in 10 mm increments.
  • Upgradeable to 100mm high adjustable legs

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