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Single-sided Bookcase

Inform 1800

The Inform 1800 Bookcase: A robust storage solution, masterfully crafted to meet the diverse needs of Australian school libraries from primary schools to universities.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W900 x D310 x H1850


Height Adjustable

Warranty7 Years

Sophisticated and Spacious Storage

The Inform 1800 Bookcase with dimensions of W900 x D310 x H1850, is an impressively tall storage unit - ideal for extensive book collections and educational materials. It’s a perfect fit for larger educational spaces like university libraries and staff administration spaces.

Environmentally Conscious and Durable

Constructed from E0 Laminate board, with options for laminated plywood, birch plywood or rubberwood, this bookcase is a beacon of sustainability and durability. Its robust build ensures longevity, even in high-traffic educational environments.

Customisable and Stable

Featuring 50mm adjustable feet, the Inform 1800 provides stability on uneven floors. The adjustable shelves, with a 25mm flat edge and a 5mm inset, offer versatility in storage, catering to various sizes and types of books and educational resources.

Ideal for Comprehensive Educational Needs

The towering stature of the Inform 1800 Bookcase makes it a standout piece for storing an extensive range of books or learning materials. It’s well-suited for academic settings where a large amount of storage is required without sacrificing aesthetics.

Safety-Oriented Design

Prioritising safety the Inform 1800 Bookcase must be affixed to the wall for added stability, ensuring peace of mind for educators and students alike.

  • Standard with 5 adjustable shelves
  • Shelves are adjustable in 10 mm increments
  • Upgradeable to 100mm high adjustable legs
  • This item must be affixed to a wall

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