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Floor Cushion

Lilypad Round Cushion

Who's ready for a story? Our Lilypad round cushions are ideal for story time and group activities. Comfortable, portable and stackable, they're upholstered in a range of fun, vibrant colours.

Responsive Table
Model Number
ø600 x H80
ø690 x H1200



Warranty5 Years

Comfort Meets Durability

The Lilypad Cushion offers an exceptional blend of comfort and durability, crafted from high-density foam that supports and conforms without compromising firmness. This carefully chosen material ensures longevity and maintains shape through daily use in bustling educational environments. Phthalate-free, the Lilypad is as safe as it is comfortable, making it an excellent choice for young students' health and wellbeing.

Versatile Design for Dynamic Learning Spaces

Designed for flexibility the Lilypad Cushion transforms any area into a multifunctional learning zone. Whether placed on floors, benches or staircases, these cushions provide a pop of colour and comfort. Their mark-free composition ensures that floors remain pristine, even after heavy use, supporting a clean and inviting learning space.

Aesthetic Choices to Inspire

Available in a variety of colours, the Lilypad Cushion is offered in our standard Atlas fabric or can be upgraded to our premium Haven wool fabrics or the culturally enriching Jimmy Pike fabric range. These options not only add visual appeal but also allow educators to customise spaces that reflect cultural values and artistic expression, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

Creating Interactive Learning Areas

The versatility of the Lilypad extends to its use in creating engaging, interactive spaces. Use them individually for quiet reading corners or group them to form vibrant story time circles. This flexibility makes it easy to adapt classroom and library layouts to suit varying activities and learning styles, promoting interaction and collaborative learning among students.

Additional Features for Enhanced Usability

For added convenience, a separate cushion trolley is available, making storage and transportation of the cushions effortless. This feature is particularly beneficial in multi-use spaces where quick setup and clear-away times are essential, allowing educators more time to focus on teaching and less on logistics.

While particularly suited for primary school libraries and classrooms, the Lilypad’s robust design and aesthetic flexibility also make it a fitting choice for public libraries and civic spaces. It offers a practical seating solution that caters to the needs of young learners across various educational settings, promoting inclusivity and adaptability.

Product Finishes

Atlas Fabric

12 choices available

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