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Meeting Table

Shinto Round Table

Discover the Shinto Round Table, a blend of minimalist design and versatile functionality, ideal for fostering collaborative learning across diverse educational settings.

Responsive Table
Model Number
⌀900 x H720
⌀900 x H900
⌀900 x H1050
⌀1200 x H720
⌀1200 x H900
⌀1200 x H1050

Warranty10 Years

Inspired by Tradition, Crafted for Education

Drawing inspiration from the serene shrines of Japan, the Shinto Round Table exemplifies clean design with its round shape offering a plethora of personalisation options to fit any school setting. Shinto is a catalyst for collaboration, designed to grow alongside the educational journey of students and staff alike.

Sizes and Heights for Every Need

The Shinto Round Table comes in an array of sizes and height profiles—⌀900 x H720, ⌀900 x H900, ⌀900 x H1050, ⌀1200 x H720, ⌀1200 x H900, and ⌀1200 x H1050—each designed to cater to the varied needs of classrooms, libraries, staff rooms and meeting areas.

Robust Construction Meets Elegant Design

A sturdy 50mm steel frame not only reinforces the structural integrity of the Shinto Round Table but also imparts a distinctive aesthetic, marrying industrial strength with sleek lines. The standard E0 laminate work surface is a nod to sustainability and offers the durability needed for frequent use, with the option to upgrade to a sustainably sourced timber finish for a touch of natural elegance.

Enhanced Comfort and Support

Considering the comfort of its users, the 900 and 1050 height models feature a footrail, providing structural support and an ergonomic rest for feet during long study sessions or meetings. This thoughtful addition enhances the user experience, ensuring comfort without compromising the table’s sleek design.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

5 choices available

Laminated Ply

4 choices available

Natural Timber

2 choices available

Frame Powder Coat

2 choices available

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