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Woodwork Bench

Techno 1500 TechCraft Workbench

Elevate your educational workshop's capabilities with the Techno 1500 TechCraft Workbench, a superior workspace crafted for the intricate demands of hands-on woodworking projects.

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Model Number
W1500 x D900 x H860



Warranty7 Years

Robust Construction for Enhanced Durability

The Techno 1500 TechCraft Workbench is the epitome of strength and resilience, built with a steel framework and an 18mm Masonite top that promises longevity and resistance to daily wear and tear. Its 860mm height, combined with 50 x 50mm steel legs and a powder-coated finish, ensures a stable and durable work area suitable for the bustling activities of TAFE subjects, high school workshops, and other technical education settings.

Spacious Workspace for Complex Projects

With generous dimensions of W1500 x D1900 x H860 mm, this workbench offers an extensive surface area that accommodates larger or multiple projects simultaneously. It's designed to facilitate a collaborative learning environment where students can engage in more complex and creative woodworking tasks.

Customisable with Optional Vices

To enhance its versatility, the Techno 1500 TechCraft Workbench comes with the option to include vices, providing additional support and precision for a variety of woodworking techniques. This customisation allows educators to adapt the workbench to suit specific project requirements and teaching methodologies.

Designed for the Educational Sector

This workbench is specifically tailored for the demands of materials design and technology spaces within the educational sector. Its sturdy construction and functional design align with the practical and pedagogical needs of vocational and technical education programs, fostering a productive learning atmosphere.

The Techno 1500 TechCraft Workbench is a cornerstone for advanced woodworking education, offering a robust, spacious, and adaptable workspace that encourages creativity and skill development in TAFE courses, high schools, and other technical learning environments.

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