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Woodwork Bench

Techno 1200 TechStore Workbench

Unleash the full potential of your workshop with the Techno 1200 TechStore Workbench, the ultimate workbench and storage solution that combines functionality and durability in educational settings.

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Model Number
W1200 x D1200 x H860

Warranty7 Years

Engineered for Endurance and Efficiency

The Techno 1200 TechStore Workbench is a beacon of strength and practicality, crafted from robust steel and topped with an 18mm Masonite surface to create a long-lasting and resilient workspace. Designed to endure the bustling activity of TAFE, high school and other workshop environments, this workbench stands at an optimal height of 860mm, supported by sturdy 50 x 50mm steel legs and a powder-coated frame to resist wear and tear.

Tailored for Educational Workshops

With dimensions of W1200 x D1200 x H860 mm, the TechStore Workbench is meticulously designed to fit the spatial and functional requirements of materials design and technology spaces. It encourages a collaborative and hands-on learning experience, allowing students ample space to create, experiment and thrive.




Enhanced Storage Capabilities

Setting the Techno 1200 TechStore Workbench apart are its two large cupboards, ingeniously integrated to provide secure and accessible storage for materials and tools. This feature ensures a clutter-free workspace, fostering an organised and efficient learning environment where creativity and productivity flourish.

Versatility with Optional Vices

Acknowledging the diverse needs of woodworking projects, this workbench offers optional vices to cater to various crafting techniques. This adaptability makes it an invaluable asset for fostering precision and skill in students' work, from basic constructions to intricate joinery.

The Techno 1200 TechStore Workbench is an essential addition to any educational workshop, combining robust construction with thoughtful storage and adaptable features to support and inspire the next generation of craftsmen and women in their creative endeavours.

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