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Tablet Arm Chair

Unipod Active Chair

Discover the Unipod Tablet Arm Chair, the ultimate blend of versatility and comfort designed to energize educational spaces.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W595 x D581 x H880 | Seat H450



Warranty5 Years


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Versatile Design for Modern Learning

The Unipod Active Chair is more than just a seat; it's a versatile solution for various educational settings. Its base is designed for choice and adaptability, catering to the diverse needs of learning spaces and students alike. The swivel seat enhances mobility and fluidity, encouraging an active learning environment that fosters engagement and collaboration.

Innovative Storage Solution

Underneath the swivel seat lies an innovative open storage space, providing students with a convenient place to store personal belongings. This feature keeps essential items within arm's reach, reducing clutter and promoting a more organised and conducive learning environment.

Sustainable Comfort

Crafted from recyclable plastic, the Unipod Chair's seat combines sustainability with comfort. Its maintenance-friendly material ensures durability and ease of cleaning, making it an ideal choice for busy educational settings.

Adjustable Workspace for Every Student

The Unipod Active Tablet Arm boasts an adjustable worksurface, accommodating students of all shapes and sizes. This flexibility ensures every student finds their perfect fit, enhancing comfort and focus. The worksurface's ability to swing out or pull in allows for a customisable learning experience, adapting to each student's needs.

Transforming Learning Environments

Unipod redefines learning spaces by promoting constant movement and interaction. Its design principle is simple: active students are more engaged, collaborative and comfortable, leading to a more effective learning experience.

Beyond the Classroom

While the Unipod Active Tablet Arm Chair is perfect for educational settings, its versatility extends to corporate learning environments, training centres, VCE spaces and tuition centres. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for any setting that values learning and collaboration.

Product Finishes

Moulded Plastic

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