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Double-sided Bookcase

Inform 1500

The Inform 1500 Double Sided Bookcase is a versatile, double-capacity storage marvel, ideal for creating vibrant and organised library spaces.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W900 x D610 x H1550


Height Adjustable

Warranty7 Years

Double-Sided Efficiency

With dimensions of W900 x D600 x H1550, the Inform 1500 Double Sided Bookcase provides ample storage on both sides, making it perfect for library spaces and resource-intensive areas in educational institutions.

Eco-Friendly and Long-Lasting

This bookcase is made from E0 Laminate board, with sustainable upgrades available. Its construction not only aligns with environmental values but also ensures robustness and longevity in high-use educational settings.

Adaptable to Space Requirements

Equipped with 50mm adjustable feet, the Inform 1500 Double Sided Bookcase addresses uneven floors, common in older school buildings. The mobile option (W900 x D600 x H1600) adds flexibility, ideal for evolving library layouts.

Ideal for Collaborative and Dynamic Spaces

This double-sided bookcase is a versatile piece for libraries, staffrooms and resource areas, aiding in spatial organisation and providing accessible storage.

  • Standard with 8 adjustable shelves
  • Shelves are adjustable in 10 mm increments.
  • Upgradeable to 100mm high adjustable legs
  • Upgradeable to 100mm high lockable castors

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