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Exam Package


100x Pippee Stacking Chair
100x Pippee Stacking Table

Starting From

$8,999 + GST



Warranty7 Years

Designed specifically for the secondary school exam season, our package brings together 100 lightweight Pippee stacking tables and 100 Pippee stacking chairs. This tailor-made combination ensures that your institution can effortlessly adapt to exam requirements while ensuring optimum space management and ease of setup for staff.

✨ Key Benefits:

  1. Mobility Mastered: Our Pippee tables and chairs are feather-light. Move them around without breaking a sweat, ensuring that setting up exam spaces is hassle-free.
  2. Space Saviour: The unique stackable design of both the chairs and tables means when the exams are over, they can be stacked and stored away efficiently, freeing up space.
  3. Maintenance Made Simple: Keeping the furniture clean is a breeze. With their easy-to-clean surfaces, your school will always look its best.

πŸ’‘ Why Pippee? Beyond the tangible benefits, our package offers exceptional value for money. Investing in Pippee is a promise of durability, utility, and unmatched cost-effectiveness.

🚫 Say Goodbye to Hassles: The Pippee package addresses one of the biggest pain points schools face during exam season - the tedious task of setting up and tearing down. Our intuitive design and features ensure that this once cumbersome task is now a thing of the past.

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