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Planke Bookcase

The Planke Bookcase combines adaptability and sustainability, offering a versatile shelving solution to keep educational resources organised and accessible across various school settings.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W900 x D320 x H900
W900 x D320 x H1200
W900 x D320 x H1800



Warranty10 Years

Cultivating Knowledge with Adjustable Design

The Planke Bookcase is a bastion of versatility in the educational landscape, designed to foster learning and organisation. Available in three heights—900 mm, 1200 mm, and 1800 mm—this bookcase addresses the diverse storage needs of educational environments, from compact classrooms to expansive faculty offices.

Customisable Convenience for Every Collection

Each Planke Bookcase features robust 25mm shelves, height-adjustable to accommodate books, display items, and educational materials of all sizes. The ability to tailor the shelving space is not just about fitting in different items; it's about customising the learning experience and making resources accessible to all.

Aesthetic Harmony and Environmental Integrity

Finished in a sustainable E0 laminate available in four colours, the Planke Bookcase is both a practical and eco-conscious choice. It aligns seamlessly with the décor of any school setting while upholding a commitment to environmental stewardship. Whether standing in the warm welcome of a reception area or the intellectual haven of a library, the Planke Bookcase enhances the space with its presence.

Multipurpose Functionality for Educational Spaces

In faculty offices, it supports academics with scholarly resources; in receptions, it displays accolades and literature; in libraries, it organises collections methodically and in classrooms and staff rooms, it becomes a central point for learning materials and curriculum guides.

Seamless Integration within the Planke Range

Just like other elements of the Planke range, the bookcase is designed to complement its counterparts in both function and style. When paired with Planke Desks, Mobile Pedestals or Cupboards, it completes a cohesive and functional suite of furniture that is more than the sum of its parts.

A Framework for Educational Excellence

The Planke Bookcase stands not just as a container for books, but as a framework upon which the edifice of education is built. It holds the resources that inspire teaching and learning, that facilitate research and inquiry and that provide the backbone for educational excellence.

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E0 Laminate

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