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Storage Unit

Planke Filing Cabinet

The Planke Filing Cabinet offers streamlined security and style, with multi-drawer configurations to keep educational essentials organised and accessible in any staff-focused space.

Responsive Table
Model Number
PLA017 - 2 Drawer
PLA018 - 3 Drawer
PLA019 - 4 Drawer
W490 x D555 x H730
W490 x D555 x H1070
W490 x D555 x H1385



Warranty10 Years

Essential Storage for a Tidy Workspace

Designed with the organisational needs of educational staff in mind, the Planke Filing Cabinet provides a secure solution for keeping documents and sundries neatly stowed. Available in 2, 3, and 4 drawer options, these cabinets cater to varying storage needs, from minimal to extensive.

Tailored Sizes for Every Space

Whether it's the compact two-drawer model measuring W490 x D555 x H730, ideal for tight faculty offices, the mid-sized three-drawer standing at H1070 for common areas, or the expansive four-drawer unit reaching H1385 for dedicated storage spaces, there's a Planke Filing Cabinet to fit every requirement.

Unified Security for Confidentiality

One key feature of the Planke Filing Cabinet is its single-lock system, providing streamlined security for all drawers. With one turn of a key, staff can ensure the privacy of the cabinet's contents, from student records to internal communications, safeguarding sensitive materials with simplicity and efficiency.

Eco-Conscious Construction

Adhering to environmentally responsible practices, each Planke Filing Cabinet is finished with sustainable E0 laminate, available in four distinct colours. This not only offers a selection to complement any décor but also represents the commitment of schools to a healthier planet.

A Fit for Varied Educational Zones

The versatility of the Planke Filing Cabinet makes it a perfect addition across a spectrum of educational settings. In faculty offices, it supports the administrative prowess of academic staff; at reception, it serves as an unassuming guardian of information; within staff rooms, it organises shared resources and in dedicated storage areas, it stands as a bastion of order and accessibility.

Seamless Integration with Planke Lineup

Complementing other Planke range furnishings, the Filing Cabinet ensures visual harmony and functional coherence in any space it inhabits. Matched with a Planke Desk, Credenza or Cupboard, it completes an ecosystem of furniture that champions efficiency and aesthetic unity, all the while meeting the practical demands of school environments.

The Backbone of Educational Organisation

The Planke Filing Cabinet is the silent ally of faculty staff, enabling them to maintain an environment of order and professionalism. With its discreet footprint and capacious storage, it empowers educators and administrators to focus on their most important task – shaping minds and futures.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

4 choices available

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