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Planke Credenza

Elevate staff and meeting spaces with the versatile Planke Credenza, designed for both style and functionality, perfect as a media stand or simple room divider.

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Model Number
W1350 x D450 x H720
W1500 x D450 x H720
W1800 x D450 x H720



Warranty10 Years

Multi-Functional Marvel for Modern Meetings

The Planke Credenza is a paragon of adaptability and style, crafted to enrich conference rooms, staff areas, and faculty offices alike. Standing at 720 mm, it's perfectly poised to serve as a media stand, nestling snugly at the end of a row of Planke Desks or as a stand-alone feature alongside a single desk.

Sleek Storage with Room to Display

Beneath its smooth surface, the Credenza hides two spacious interior compartments, each featuring a sturdy 25mm shelf fixed in place to provide optimal storage. Whether it's for audio-visual equipment, conference materials or office supplies, these two compartments accommodate a variety of items, keeping them out of sight yet easily accessible.

A Showcase for Technology

Designed with the digital needs of contemporary education in mind, the Planke Credenza effortlessly accommodates a flat-screen television up to 55 inches. This makes it an ideal candidate for video conferencing in meeting rooms or as an information hub in reception areas, blending functionality with a timeless and professional aesthetic.

Design with Purpose

Every aspect of the Credenza has been thoughtfully considered, including a fully finished back which enhances its functionality as a room divider. This feature enables the piece to be positioned in open spaces, offering visual separation without the need for permanent fixtures and creating an impromptu meeting spot or private nook with ease.

Security with Style

Key lockable doors are a signature element, mirroring the security focus prevalent in the Planke range. The Credenza ensures that multimedia devices and confidential documents remain secure, blending peace of mind with the design.

Consistent Aesthetic Across Spaces

Finished in the sustainable E0 laminate in four colour options, the Planke Credenza aligns with the environmentally conscious and style-centric values of educational institutions. Whether placed in a bustling staff room or the formality of a faculty office, it adds a touch of urbanity while maintaining a cohesive look with other Planke furnishings.

Adaptable for Every Educational Setting

Ideal for an array of settings within schools, the Planke Credenza proves to be as versatile as it is aesthetically pleasing. In faculty offices, it stands as a beacon of organisation; in reception areas, it greets visitors with its refined presence; in staff rooms, it provides a central point for collaboration; and in meeting rooms, it facilitates the flow of ideas through integrated technology.

An Ally in Educational Excellence

The Planke Credenza is not just furniture; it's an integral component in the creation of functional and inspiring educational spaces. It reflects the evolution of staff needs, ensuring that every administrative task and interactive session is supported by design intelligence and functional style.

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E0 Laminate

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