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Storage Unit

Planke Cupboard

Secure, spacious and sustainably crafted, the Planke Cupboard is the quintessential storage solution for educational professionals looking to streamline organisation with simple style.

Responsive Table
Model Number
W900 x D400 x H1800



Warranty10 Years

A Sanctuary of Security for Educational Essentials

The Planke Cupboard offers a haven for valuable educational resources, providing peace of mind with key lockable doors. At a commanding height of 1800 mm, it stands as a bulwark of privacy and security in faculty offices, reception areas and staff rooms, ensuring that sensitive documents and personal items are safeguarded with ease.

Flexible Shelving for Dynamic Needs

Inside the robust exterior lies a versatile core – four 25mm thick shelves, of which three are adjustable, while one remains fixed. This flexibility allows staff to tailor the storage to their unique requirements, whether it's for bulky binders, multimedia equipment or treasured teaching aids. The adjustability ensures maximum utilisation of space, catering to an array of organisational styles and storage needs.

Eco-friendly Finish in Every Hue

Echoing the responsible ethos of the Planke range, the Cupboard boasts a sustainable E0 laminate finish, available in four timeless colours. This not only makes it a conscious choice for the environment but also provides a palette to match any educational interior. From the natural tones that evoke a sense of calm to the darker hues that lend a touch of sophistication, the Planke Cupboard seamlessly complements the professional atmosphere of any educational setting.

Designed for the Diverse World of Education

The Planke Cupboard is much more than a mere storage unit; it’s a testament to the versatility and functionality demanded by Australia’s educators. Its stately presence is suited to the decorous environments of faculty offices, offering a dignified backdrop to academic discourse, while in reception areas, it provides a welcoming combination of style and order. In staff rooms, it enhances the collaborative atmosphere by keeping shared materials well-organised and readily accessible.

Cohesive Integration with Planke Solutions

Pair the Planke Cupboard with other items from the range to create a harmonised workspace that speaks to the professionalism of the staff it serves. The uniformity in design and finish unites the pieces, fostering an environment that is both functional and visually appealing. With the addition of a Planke Desk, Mobile Pedestal and Credenza, the Cupboard completes a suite of furniture that collectively elevates the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

The Bedrock of Educational Organisation

The Planke Cupboard stands resolute as the cornerstone of organisation in the educational sphere. It represents a balance between the necessity for secure storage and the desire for a workspace that is both welcoming and professional.

Product Finishes

E0 Laminate

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